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Who can be taught
with "I Can Do It!"®?
Who can teach
with "I Can Do It!"®?
How is "I Can Do It!"®
different from other
handwriting programs?
Is "I Can Do It!"®
easy to use?
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"Children are like wet cement.  Whatever falls on them makes an impression."
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Frequently Asked Questions
How does "I Can Do It!"® work?

"I Can Do It!"® is used with beginner writers, or students who are already writing but need additional work on their
handwriting to improve speed & quality.  The Program
begins with a simple screening (Step 1), to determine what the
student can already do, and what she needs additional help with.  Intervention using
detailed "lesson plans" (Step 2) is
based on these findings.  You are
fully guided during instruction by one of two instructional sequences based on your
student's needs.
Who can be taught with "I Can Do It!"®?

Use it with anyone who needs to learn to print.

The "I Can Do It!"
® Manuscript Handwriting Program has been used with great success with Kindergarten students,
Preschool students, regular education students in grades 1-4, and special education students.  It has been successfully                
used in large classroom groups, small groups, and individual intervention.
Who can teach with "I Can Do It!"®?

Anyone who needs to teach a student to print!  The "I
Can Do It!"
® Program has been successfully used by
parents,  teachers, and occupational therapists.
Does "I Can Do It!"® require special training or certification to use?

No special training or certification is needed - that is one of the great benefits of the Program.  An ability & willingness to
read and follow directions is all that is required to teach using "I Can Do It!"
®  As much as possible, "jargon" used by  
teachers & therapists has been eliminated, with common language used to make the manual readable and useful to all.  
Though many behavioral techniques described (e.g., behavioral & motivation techniques) are very familiar to teachers, nothing
is "assumed," so that parents and others can easily follow-through.
How is "I Can Do It!"® different from other handwriting programs?

"I Can Do It!"® is unique in many ways, differing greatly from "typical" handwriting instruction programs.  "I Can Do It!"® is
child-inspired, and without question the invention & development of this program involved thinking & planning "outside the         
box."  This has resulted in its great success in clinical trials.

"I Can Do It!"
® is in no way a "re-make" of any other program.  It is powerfully unique and complete!  This is not another book
of "assorted ideas," leaving you wondering which is pertinent to your student;  but is a
highly organized and sequential
teaching program.

There is an extensive list of ways in which "I Can Do It!"® is different - below are listed some of the many unique features of the
"I Can Do It!"
® approach.   "I Can Do It"® helps you put current research into practice.

Direct teaching is provided so that students more easily learn:
-From the beginning to write well - with fewer prerequisite skills needed to begin to learn successfully!
-To write readably with speed for composing, note-taking, & academic work
-To identify, correct, and prevent their own handwriting errors
-How to make all the basic lines, in the correct direction, to prevent later errors, including those often seen in cursive
-The meaning of all instructional vocabulary the teacher uses, before she uses it during lessons, so that students of
differing abilities are helped to understand and learn
-How to use the 3 lines of primary-school paper and "fit" their letters into any sized lines
-How to hold and control their pencil for writing with quality as well as speed
-How to translate good handwriting into their classroom and homework
-How to position their body, paper, arm, and hand well during writing to enable good speed and to prevent fatigue & pain
-How to organize themselves from left to right during writing, and space correctly between letters, words, & margins
-and many, many, more!
Is "I Can Do It!"® easy to use?

Yes!  "I Can Do It!"® is quite simple to use!  ALL of the work has been done for you!  The activities are easy to teach - all the
information you need has been provided for you!  "Lesson Plans" are fully written, detailed, and guidance is provided.  For
example, simple flow-charts to help you improve student posture, pencil grasp, and scissor grasp.

Though the Program contains many components that make it a comprehensive and highly effective teaching tool, it is also
highly organized so the teacher is fully guided throughout her instruction.  
How does "I Can Do It!"®
Does "I Can Do It!"®
require special training
to use?
WELCOME to "I Can Do It!"® Handwriting!
Your source for effective tools to test and teach manuscript handwriting
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