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WELCOME to "I Can Do It!"® Handwriting!
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The Mission
"I Can Do It!"
® Handwriting
is to make learning to write
easy, fun, and possible for all!
Joan Scanlon-Dise, OTR, is an occupational therapist with over
30 years of pediatric experience. She developed the “I Can Do It!”
Handwriting Program out of a pure need to create a practical, fun
program that worked for her students.

No other program effectively met the needs of her students.  Other
programs always assumed “pre-writing” skills and concept
knowledge that her students did not have.  They did not teach the
basics, did not include direct teaching of many vital skills needed for
success, and did not prevent common problems.  Joan developed a
true developmentally based program, and has included methods that
are supported by research studies.  Impressive success has been
demonstrated in clinical studies.

The "I Can Do It!"
® Program includes vital components needed for
success, kids love it, their confidence grows using it, and their
success will impress you!
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